Is GYROTONIC® Good for Me?

All over the world people are experiencing the life changing benefits of GYROTONIC® method from young to old, professional sports people and celebrities from pro golfers Tiger Woods and Mark Wilson to Madonna, Liv Tyler and Julianne Moore.

In the same time GYROTONIC® method receives global recognition from Chiropractors, Neurologists, Orthopedics and Physical therapists.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® will strengthen the core muscles as well as the smaller muscle groups. The exercises are multi dimensional and require muscle groups to work simultaneously therefore building the kinetic chain, which will enhance any sports person’s performance.

Swimmers working on the GYROTONIC® can regulate exact movement patterns and exactness of positions, which obviously isn’t achievable under water. Smoothness of motion, versatility and gracefulness is needed in all forms of sport, GYROTONIC® offers this to you what ever your speciality.

Marion Accola, an up-and-coming golfer, turned to GYROTONIC® to improve strength and flexibility. “After doing GYROTONIC® about once a week through the winter last year, I have gained much more strength,” she says. “I can drive the ball about 20 yards farther due to increased flexibility, a more coiled turn and the strength I have built in my arms.”

Boxing coach and avid mountain biker Gilbert Million, credits GYROTONIC® with increasing his core strength, balance and coordination — and a dramatic difference in his handling skills on bike trails.
GYROTONIC® brings that circular motion,” he says. “It’s unique in that you’re using your muscles throughout their range.”

GYROTONIC® increases the functional capacity of the entire organism,” says Matt Aversa, vice president and COO of the GYROTONIC® International Headquarters. “Even if you’re just playing ping-pong, it helps.”

Injuries happen when being physically active during any type of sport. GYROTONIC® can reduce the risk of injury by increasing strength with flexibility.Athletes can perfect performance and avoid injuries caused by overcompensation due to weakness or misalignment.


Children learn how to build and maintain a healthy, strong and upright body early in life. GYROTONIC® will aid co-ordination and help children to become more aware of their body. It will strengthen and tone them working on symmetry throughout the movements.
As a children grow it is vital that the muscles and tendons are strong enough to support the skeletal system, thus aiding in the prevention of muscular imbalances.

By introducing your child to the GYROTONIC® you are enabling them to improve their posture, general health and confidence as well as aiding in maximizing their physical capabilities.


Seniors can greatly reduce pain and increase their range of movement. GYROTONIC® will enhance balance and strengthen muscles that may have lost the ability to fully function after injury or operation. GYROTONIC® offers the ability to exercise without putting pressure on the joints, enabling the ligaments and muscles to gain strength.


GYROTONIC® is a great way during pre and post natal to keep mobile and strong throughout the pregnancy. It can be a gentle and stress free alternative to more conventional ways of exercising.


Professionals can quickly resolve lower back discomfort often generated by desk work. Each session is individually tailored to your own personal needs and you will work according to your own physical capabilities.Your instructor will encourage you to talk to him throughout the session so that he can be aware of how you are feeling.

Once you become more familiar with GYROTONIC® and gain more strength, the sessions will become more advanced enabling you to continue to maximise your physical capabilities. Your co-ordination and rhythm will improve with each GYROTONIC® session; this in turn will enhance the way that you perform everyday movements. Your flexibility, posture and own physical awareness will significantly improve. Throughout your GYROTONIC® sessions you will be shown how to focus on your breathing, this will aid relaxation as well as increasing the oxygen supply to the muscles and organs.

For more information on GYROTONIC® method in Bucharest, you may contact Vlad Ilcenco , e-mail:

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